Easy-Install Lighting for Decks with Ultralox and IRX Rail

A Modular and Foolproof System

The toughest things about putting together a lighting package for your deck are compatibility, ease of installation, and quality.

The package we can help you put together below will optimize your system in all these areas.

Compatibility: Lights and transformers come in both AC and DC versions. This setup will use all DC lights to keep all your lights and accessories consistent and working. Light "tempurature" or hue is all between 3000-3500K which means that lights will all be a daylight color, they won't vary from bluish white to a yellow white.

Ease of installation and wiring: All lights shown use a waterproof easy-plug system, with an "in" and "out" cord on each light. Use the compatible extension cords between lights, running the cords under the decking or through the railing to quickly connect each light to the next in the chain.

Quality: all lights are warrantied against manufacturer defects, and since they are all compatible, there is no worry of bridges burning out from the wrong current type, or light flickering sometimes caused by incompatible parts. You know you're getting lights that will work with each other. Wire coatings are NOT made from any soy or corn based products, which small animals sometimes chew through and short out.

If you decide to install more lights later, you can easily add light tees or hubs to branch off to another area of your deck or railing.

Ultralox aluminum railing panels:

Post caps matched to Ultralox and TimberTech Impressions Express aluminum railings


Lights for Decking Surfaces and Vertical Faces

These lights are inserted into a hole in the riser or decking, with the wire running out the backside. If placed in the decking next to a house wall, they will throw light up onto the side of the house, adding a unique effect to your outdoor space.


Hooded riser lights are best used on long stairs, where stair illumination is desired, but the light is cast down onto the step so as to not shine in your eyes while walking up the staircase. Louvered riser lights achieve the same effect, with a different appearance and profile.

Both of the lights below can be installed on any other vertical face where an illumination effect is desired, like on post wraps, a stair landing, or on deck fascia.