Build an Ultralox Glass Panel Railing Package

Ultralox Glass Channels:

Glass channels are designed to mount between two posts, as a top and bottom rail (sold as a pair). Channel kits come in 6' lengths, and no longer lengths are allowed because of weight and strength requirements

Channels are installed after posts, and before glass, in such a way where the glass panels will be fitted up into the top rail, then will slide down into the channel on the bottom, and friction-fit once they are slid down. Use the channel kit with 22.5 degree mount kits for locations where a 45 degree or 135 degree angle change is needed

Use picket stair rails on stairs for coordinating stair rail with glass panel rail.

Stair version of glass channels and mounts are rail not available, so picket railings are recommended for use on decks with Ultralox glass panel railing

Railing posts

3"x36" posts are used with horizontal sections, and at the top of any stair run

3"x42" posts are used at the bottom of a stair run, or in the middle of a stair section when a graspable handrail is being added.

2" crossover posts (or "mid-span" posts) are used on straight stair runs longer than 96", when you want the top handrail of the railing to be continuous. They are installed halfway down the stair run, between two panels of equal length.

For example, a stair with 11 steps would need two 6' stair panels on either side, with a 2" crossover post about 6 feet down the stair. 


Standard post kits will include 5" lag screws for mounting into treated deck framing, as well as plugs to cover the screws.

If you'd like to add skirts to cover the base entirely, you can buy them individually here

Posts include standard caps, but can be upgraded to a decorative top cap