Dekpro Lighting Package

DekPro Easy-Connect Lighting Package


Transformers are available with different wattages, depending on the number of lights you will need to run off of it.

A photosensitive timer is available for timing your lights to come on and off according to sunset/sunrise.

Remotes can also be used to turn on lights from anywhere in the house or yard, and can also control how bright or dim your lights are.


Below are the kits that include a transformer, timer, and dimmer.


All DekPro lights and some Ultralox lights have an "in" and "out" wire for easy-connect wires: the "in" wire is the input for a cable coming from the transformer or previous light, and a cable will be connected to the "out" wire to go to the next light.


Wiring a long run of lights often causes the lights near the end of the run to be dimmer than the lights closer to the transformer. To avoid having dimming issues, you can have the "out" wire on your last light connect back to the transformer to create a loop circuit. To do this, you would need this cable splitter plugged in between the transformer and the first light.


Post Cap Lights

Post cap lights for Ultralox railing are available with the DekPro easy-connect plugs, so that they can be used with other DekPro lights. The standard Ultralox post cap lights run off AC current and have raw wiring, whereas the version below has been fitted with a DekPro-compatible LED fixture and the easy-connect wires.

Post cap lights to match the powder coatings on DekPro Prestige railings are shown below

Decorative and Stair Lights