There are so many different items for the railing or decking system I'm installing. How do I know if I have all the parts I need?

Our "deck package" page has links to each product line that will help walk you through what's needed for your project.  Each page shows the different products, their purpose, and all available options for each component of the system you are using. Installation guides are also a great resource to show you when and where you will use each item.

Deck Package page (link)

Where do I find installation guides or videos for products I might buy or have bought for my deck?

This is our current page of install guides and videos for most of the products we have available. (click here)


I ordered my items with "3-day" shipping, it's been 3 days, and they're not here yet. What's going on?

Each "shipping day" only includes business days, so the 3-day option would take 3 business days. This also does not account for the time needed to pull and package your order from the warehouse(s). If any of your items are special order, they may also take extra time to acquire and get ready for shipping.


How do I know if an item is in stock?

Feel free to call or email us and see if your items are available for quick turnaround, or how long it may take. Most products will ship out in 1-4 business days, plus the ship time (your shipping option selected at checkout). Click here to see a list of our regularly stocked items. Please note that there are some variations or colors of products that might not be in stock.


I have my shopping cart all set for checkout, but it's not showing me any shipping options. Why is this?

Most oversized items like post wraps, fascia, decking, fully assembled railing panels, treated framing can only be shipped locally due to size restrictions, which means you would likely have to source these items from a lumberyard closer to you.


There are so many different colors and styles of deck boards, where do I even start?

You can read about different types of decking here (link)

You can also go through this questionnaire/guide to help determine which decking would be best for your project (link)