Ledger Fasteners

Lag screws for attaching ledgers and other structural members

Structural Screws

Exterior grade structural screws for fastening posts, framing, and other deck parts

Face Screws

Screws for fastening decking through the top of the board. Screws are often colored to match the decking color.

Edge Screws

Screws that are installed at an angle through the corner of the deck board, to keep the decking surface fastener-free

Ipe Fasteners

Screws and clips designed specifically for ipe, tigerwood, and other hardwood decking.

Fascia Fasteners

Screw systems for attaching fascia to framing, for both PVC and composite fascia options.

Hidden Fastener Clip Systems

Clips and fasteners that hold the decking down by gripping the deck groove.

Screw and Plug Fasteners

Systems that recess the screw to allow for a matching plug to be inserted over the screw.