Trex DC Lighting System

Cap lights for Trex posts, riser lights, and accent lights, all with plug-and-play connectors for easy installation.

TimberTech-Azek AC Lighting 

Low-voltage lights, with cap lights for TimberTech post sleeves, accent lights, and riser lights

Ultralox AC Lighting System

Wired post cap and accent lights, powder-coated to match Ultralox aluminum rail systems.

Impressions Express Lighting

Powder-coated to match TT-Azek Impressions Express railing

EZ Plug-And-Play Lighting

Mini plugs on lights and wires make these Trex and DekPro lights easy to install yourself

Solar Lighting Caps

Easy-install lights with no transformers or wire to set up

Accent Lighting

Lights to add some flair and show off your deck

Post Lighting

Lights that mount on top as a cap, or mounted to the side of the post as a downlight

Riser Lighting

Lights to illuminate your stairway, or use as an accent light.

Westbury Lighting

Lights powder-coated to match Westbury railing systems.

Fortress Lighting

Lights powder-coated to match Fortress railing systems.