Diamond Pier® Footings

$ 150.00$ 230.00

Concrete footing with pins installed to spread out the weight.



Install using a jackhammer and Diamond Pier driving bit, check your local tool rental shop for available jackhammer rental.

For capacities on different types of soils, see the Diamond Pier site for more information.


Diamond Pier®

Diamond Pier concrete and steel footings were designed to eliminate the need for the hauling, mixing, waiting, and inspecting needed with traditional concrete footings. Install in minutes, approved by many cities and agencies, and has a history of 25+ years out in the field.

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Diamond Pier Sizes

DP-50, DP-75


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Questions and Answers

    Can i use a sledgehammer to install these?
  1. Q Can i use a sledgehammer to install these?

    It may be cheaper, but it doesn't make things easier, and it's not recommended.

    Since sledgehammers don't always hit the pin dead on and straight on, it ends up with the pier shifting around and not staying level as you install it, and also mushrooming over the end of the pin. 

    Many tool rental places where you can rent jackhammers will have Diamond Pier driving bits available on request, this is a much better way to go. 

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