Quik-Drive® Auto-Feed Head

$ 150.00

Includes head, bits, and mandrel.



Heads do NOT include decking clip, see Decking Clip product page to order.

Check with decking manufacturer to ensure Quik-Drive® system spaces and drives screws according to manufacturer’s instruction.

Check with manufacturer’s requirements for fasteners on decking to prevent any voiding of warranty.



Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 14 in
Quik-Drive® Head Model

250S (head only), 300S (head only)


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Questions and Answers

  1. Q Can I use or attach a regular drill or driver with this head?... Read more

    These heads are not designed to work with a standard drill head. 

    The head is made to fasten to a specific drill in a way that keeps the drive shaft stable depthwise and while the shaft is rotating. 

  2. Q What kinds of screws can I use with these quick drive heads?... Read more

    Any of the Simpson Quick Drive screws, either 2-1/2" or less, or 3" or less, depending on the head model. Simpson's DTH screw and DCU screws are the best options for composite and/or PVC decking (DCU for composite, and DTH or DCU for PVC decking)

    There are other brands of collated screw strips that look similar to the Simpson Quick Drive screw strips, but specs on those strips are usually not close enough to work with these Simpson Quick Drive heads.