Shipping Information

Lead Times

-Not all products will ship same day. Most products have a lead time listed on their page that will say "ready to ship in 1-4 days" or "special order, lead time 3-5 weeks". "Ready-to-ship" days on products are limited to non-holiday business days.

-"Ready to ship" means that the product had been brought into our warehouse, packaged, and is ready to be picked up or shipped out.

- For an accurate lead time on orders, "ready-to-ship" times (usually shown on each product's page) should be added to the selected shipping option for .

I.E, an item that says "ready to ship in 1-3 days" that is shipped with a "3-day select" shipping option, would take approximately 3-6 business days to arrive.


Transit/Delivery Times

When shipping smaller items via UPS, USPS, or FedEx, the duration of the shipping option you choose would be in addition to the time it takes to acquire and pick your product. When determining ship times, one "ship day" is a business day that is not a national holiday.

For example, an item ordered on a Tuesday with a 2 day "ready to ship" time and 3-day Select shipping would ship out as late as Thursday and likely arrive on Tuesday.


Shipping Decking, Railing Panels, and Treated Lumber

Many of our products are large pieces of lumber that are difficult and expensive to deliver outside of our local area. We use specialized trucks and equipment to unload these large deck packages at residences, and this equipment is only available within approximately 50 miles from our Minneapolis, MN location.

This means that not all products are available to customers nationwide. Shipping ability and pricing can be calculated by putting the items into your cart and entering your shipping information.