Build a TimberTech Reserve Deck Package

Installing TimberTech Reserve decking:

TimberTech Standard Width decking: Use 2.2 linear feet of decking per square foot of deck (board width+gap width is 5.625")

Hidden fasteners for TimberTech Reserve decking

Fusionloc Hidden Fastening Clips:

Concealoc Hidden Fastening Clips:

Camo Hidden Fastening Clips:

For decking running at an angle to the joists:

For decking running perpendicular to the joists:

Cortex plug-and-screw hidden fasteners

Figure 1.5 screws per linear foot of decking when joists are 16" on-center, or 2 screws per linear foot when joists are 12" on-center. 

Also used on stair treads and borders when matching the hidden fastener look on the main deck area

TimberTech Reserve Fascia and Riser boards:

TimberTech fascia is installed with 1-7/8" screws

Figure 2 screws per linear foot of fascia.

Fascia screws are pre-drilled with fascia bit to allow for movement of the fascia board.

Alternative PVC fascia for TimberTech Reserve:

White or painted-to-match fascia can be used as an easy-install cost-effective option for Reserve decks

A 3/4" thick fascia can be used as a more stable option that is also compatible with Cortex plugs for a hidden-fastened option on your fascia, risers, and post wraps.

Cortex plugs and screws are available in white, as well as a PaintPro version that is touched-up after installation to match the fascia color