Deck Building Tips and Tricks


Ultralox® Full Panel Glass Railings

Use tempered 1/4" or 5/16" glass panels with a 1.5"-3" gap between the edge of the glass and the post on either side. Glass panels can be no longer than 92".

For 36" rail height, glass pieces should be cut to 31".

Each glass rail channel set includes: bottom support leg, bottom channel, bottom receiver mount, bottom insert (in contact with glass), top insert (in contact with glass), top channel, top clips with screws, and Victorian top snap.

Cable Railing Kits

Cables are recommended to be spaced at 3-1/8" O.C.

For 36" railing heights with a 2" thick top, a minimum of 10 cables would be be needed between the top rail and surface of deck. 42" rails with a 2" top would need a minimum of 12 cables.


Simpson® Connector Installation

Go to each Simpson® item page to view necessary fasteners for connecting to framing. Simpson® products link


Lighting Wattages

Go to each light's product page to view the wattage and current type (AC or DC) used by each light. PDS Lighting link